How To Use The Last Pay Stub As W-2


The W-2 form is used to file the taxes with IRS, if the employer does it for the employee. The W-2 forms should be provided by the employer to the employees. The W-2 form will contain tax information and wages for the year which are necessary to calculate tax liability, and to file the tax returns. If the employees did not receive the W-2 form within the time of filing taxes, then the employee can file tax returns without using the W-2 form. The employee can use the last pay stub instead of W-2 form to figure out the taxes of the year.

Before using the last pay stub instead of W-2 form, you should contact the employer to request a W-2 form. You can give some time to the employer, so that the employer can send it you. If you did not receive the W-2 form after a certain time, you have to inform the IRS that you do not have the W-2 form. You have to provide your name, contact information, social security identification, employer details, gross income, and withholding amount to the IRS representative.

An IRS form 4852 will be provided to you, and you should fill the details using the last pay stub. Your pay stub will contain details such as year-to-date gross pay, state tax, local tax, federal tax, Medicare tax, and social security tax. If any amount is deducted from your paystubs as pretax money, then you should subtract the amount from the gross salary while calculating the tax returns. The IRS form should be signed with date after filling the information required. You should attach the IRS form with the income tax returns. File both to the IRS by mailing them to the mailing address given in the tax return.

If you are not comfortable of filing the taxes without using W-2, then you can ask for an extension. To get an extension, you have to file form 4868, and you will be obtaining six months extension automatically.

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