How To Get A Copy Of Your Last Pay Stub With ADP


Paystubs contains important information of employees such as tax information, sick leaves taken, number of working hours, etc. The employer may ask the employee to submit a request to receive the copy of the paystub. If the employees have lost the paystub, then there are several methods to get the copies of the paystubs. To obtain the copy of your last paystub with ADP, it is necessary to know your account information such as account number, name of the company, social security number, etc. You can access your ADP account through online, so that you can see and take copies of your last paystub with the help of a printer.

To obtain the copy of your last paystub with ADP, you have to first access your online ADP account. To access the ADP account, you should have a registration code obtained from the payroll administrator. If you require an ADP account, it is necessary that your company should also be enrolled with this service. If you do not have an online ADP account, then you can take one for you. First of all, you have to click on the ‘Register’ button to include information about you like contact information and other personal information. You should create a username and password for your ADP account, so that you can access the account at any time.

Using your username and password, you can login to the ADP account to access the history of your paystubs. You can then view, save and take the print out of any of the paystubs in your account. ADP or Automatic Data processing offers payroll management for all types of businesses like small, large and medium. The paystubs provided by ADP will contain information such as wages, benefits and withholdings of the employee. ADP system works through online and you do not have to download anything from the internet to use ADP.

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